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Introducing the doseBadge5, the ultimate tool for occupational noise management. With its advanced features and comprehensive data analysis capabilities, the doseBadge5 empowers you to meet health and safety legislation and international occupational noise regulations with ease.

Take proactive measures to safeguard your employees from the hazards of noise-induced hearing loss. The doseBadge5, coupled with the dBLink mobile application and our license-free NoiseTools software, provides a holistic solution for monitoring and managing noise exposure in the workplace.

Designed as a high-performance wireless noise dosimeter, the doseBadge5 offers accurate and compliant occupational noise exposure measurements. By utilizing 1:1 octave bands as a standard feature, it enables you to precisely analyze noise levels and implement effective control measures to protect workers from excessive noise exposure.

With the doseBadge5, you can ensure that your workforce is not exposed to noise levels that could jeopardize their hearing health. Monitor, analyze, and take action confidently, knowing that you have the most advanced and reliable tool in your hands to mitigate the risks associated with occupational noise.

Technical Specs

  • S Range: Covers a range of 60 dB(A) to 140 dB(A).
  • Data Logging: Provides the option for 1-second or 1-minute time history data logging, selectable by the user.
  • Run Time: With octave bands disabled, the doseBadge5 offers approximately 20 hours of continuous operation. When octave bands are enabled, the run time reduces to around 11 hours.
  • Charge Time: Typically takes approximately 3 hours to fully charge the device from an empty battery.
  • These specifications highlight the doseBadge5’s adherence to international standards, its versatile data logging capabilities, and its practical battery performance, making it an advanced and reliable tool for measuring occupational noise exposure.