Alcolizer Integration with Access Control Systems
Secure Access, Enhanced Safety: The Power of Integrated Solutions

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Integrate safety protocols with security through software and hardware. Alcolizer Centurion's potential to integrate with third-party security systems, has seen the industry shift towards comprehensive breathalyser access control solutions. This trend underscores a ZERO Tolerance approach to alcohol and drugs of abuse, now considered best practice across industries. 

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Safety and Security Meet

The Alcolizer Centurion's design accommodates a variety of connectivity options, allowing it to be configured as a simple self-test station or integrated into a comprehensive staff management system. Improve on-site safety by mitigating alcohol intoxication with an integrated breathalyzer.

Two models are available Centurion Quantum for accurate BrAC results and the Centurion Zero Tolerance for fast passive screening. With AlcoConnect Cloud management software, exception reports and live data reporting is possible.

Easy maintenance with the modular calibration system - a World First.

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Best Practice Alcohol Screening Protocol

Tried and test 2-step screening protocol

Flow chart of testing protocol
  • 1 Subject Identification: The subject is identified using a digital ID system integrated into the software platform.
  • 2 Initial Screening with Centurion Zero Tolerance: The software automatically initiates and records the screening test. A PASS or FAIL result is digitally logged.
  • 3 15-Minute Wait (If Required): The software times and records the wait period before the second test, ensuring compliance.
  • 4 Confirmatory Test with Centurion Quantum (or handheld Alcolizer): The software controls the active test, recording the BrAC result accurately.
  • 5 Result Analysis and Action: The platform analyzes the result, updating records, and triggers predefined actions (e.g., access control decisions, alerts).
  • 6 Data Management: All test results and actions are stored securely, allowing for real-time monitoring, reporting, and analysis.
  • 7 Compliance and Reporting: The system generates compliance reports and identifies trends or issues for review.

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The Centurion Quantum is designed to process up to 6 tests per minute. This high capacity allows for efficient testing, especially in scenarios requiring high-volume screening.

Industry Applications

  • Manufacturing

  • Business

  • Logistics

  • Construction

  • Mining

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