Instrument calibration
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Service and support approved by the original equipment manufacturer

Nothing beats the technical service and support, back-up and maintenance services that only the manufacturer can offer. The reasons are obvious. Through our network of factory certified and trained technicians, we can keep your instruments up to date by performing the service procedures approved by the original R&D and design teams. This includes our range of alcohol testers, gas monitors and IAQ instruments. We offer a Certificate of Conformance or Works Calibration certification on most instruments we sell, including LUX meters, thermo-hygrometers and noise meters. Please note that SANAS calibration certificates are provided by 3rd party lab

Service Level Agreement

We are able to tailor make a Service Level Agreement that will help to manage operational costs over an extended period of time. This option works best with the Alcolizer range of wall mounted breathalysers.

Alcolizer Modular Platform

Responding to market feedback gathered from more than 20 years of interaction with customers, Alcolizer developed the Alcolizer LE5 hand held breath testing device for fast, accurate and reliable testing while saving customers time and money.

In a world first development, the Alcolizer LE5 introduces a modular system that enables calibration and service to be completed on-site in around 60 seconds, thereby increasing the instrument’s availability for testing by minimising calibration down-time. Over the life of the instrument, this system delivers significant savings.

This modular service now also forms part of the Alcolizer Centurion Zero Tolerance and Quantum instruments as well as the Drugilizer test system.


LE5 module calibration

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