Air Speed

RunRite Electronics, a distinguished provider of industrial instruments, showcases a comprehensive array of air-speed instruments designed for precision and efficiency in measuring air velocities within industrial environments. A key category within their product line, these air-speed instruments come in two variations, including direct reading and fixed instruments, catering to diverse manufacturing and industrial applications.

The primary objective of these instruments is to facilitate the enhancement of ventilation systems, crucial for maintaining optimal air quality and ensuring the safety and well-being of employees within various industrial settings. By providing accurate and real-time air-speed measurements, these instruments enable businesses to fine-tune their ventilation setups, mitigating potential risks associated with poor air circulation and ensuring a healthier and more productive work environment.

Under the umbrella of RunRite Electronics’ holistic approach to industrial safety, air-speed instruments are classified as pivotal risk monitoring tools. These instruments contribute significantly to the comprehensive risk assessment protocols of industrial facilities, providing valuable data that aids in identifying potential hazards and implementing effective safety measures. By incorporating these instruments into their operations, businesses can proactively address ventilation concerns and optimize their safety protocols, thus fostering a culture of well-being and productivity within their workplaces.

RunRite Electronics’ commitment to delivering cutting-edge air-speed instruments underscores their dedication to supporting the evolving needs of the industrial sector, enabling businesses to uphold the highest standards of safety and efficiency in their operations.


GT8911 Basic Hot Film Anemometer With Temperature


HD2114P.0/2 Delta Ohm Micro-manometer

Heat Stress Meter Delta Ohm

HD32.32 WBGT Index Measurement

HD32.3TC – HD32.3TCA – Thermal Microclimate PMV-PPD WBGT

HD32.3TC – HD32.3TCA – Thermal Microclimate PMV-PPD / WBGT

HD50 Series Web Data logger

HD50 Series Web Data logger