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By harnessing the power and experience of Alcolizer Technology, RunRite Electronics is able to offer leading-edge training and education programs that are delivered via online e-learning training.  RunRite also offers in person training, customised to meet the needs of your business.

Familiarisation training provides new operators with general knowledge and best practice guidelines for utilising Alcolizer Drug & Alcohol testing devices in their workplace.

The Train-the-Trainer and Certified Operator training courses are for industry professionals who require more in-depth knowledge and advanced understanding of Drug & Alcohol testing equipment, best practices and technologies.

Current Courses

Certificate of Completion issued by Alcolizer Technology 

This training package gives you a Certificate of Completion in the operation of a HH3 Alcohol Tester and is delivered online. 


  • How a breath test works.
  • Introduction to Alcolizer Breathalysers and understanding of their general features.
  • How to conduct Standard or Passive test.
  • Understanding the Technology.
  • How to maintain your Breathalyser.


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