Center CO2


Introducing the C512 CO2, Humidity, and Temperature Meter and Data Logger
– your ultimate tool for monitoring and maintaining Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).

This user-friendly device offers a simple yet powerful solution to measure and track key environmental parameters. With accurate readings of CO2 levels, humidity, and temperature, you can effortlessly assess the quality of your indoor environment. The built-in data logging feature allows for continuous monitoring and data recording, empowering you to analyze long-term trends and make informed decisions. Whether for home or professional use, the C512 ensures a comfortable and healthy space by providing real-time insights and promoting optimal IAQ. Discover the convenience and effectiveness of the C512 for effortlessly managing your indoor environment.

Technical Specs

  • CO2 range: 0~30,000 ppm
  • Accuracy: ±(75ppm +3% of reading) up to 5,000ppm
  • Dual wavelength NDIR CO2 sensor for superior stability
  • User adjustable CO2 calibration
  • Audible CO2 alarm
  • Relative humidity: 0~100% (accuracy ±4.5%) non-condensing
  • ** Should not be used above 90%RH
  • Temperature: 0~+50°C (accuracy ±1°C)
  • Data logging: 32,000 records with date & time stamp
  • User selectable sample intervals
  • Start/Stop modes: Push REC button on meter
  • Power: 9V Alkaline battery (approx. 10 hours normal use)
  • Micro USB port can be used for external power (adapter not included)
  • c/w carry case, software, USB cable, battery and manual