Alcolizer Centurion Quantum


About Centurion Quantum Wall Mounted Breathalyser
Rapid, high volume alcohol testing
You can test 100% of your work force before they enter the worksite!

The compact, robust Centurion Quantum Wall Mount uses mouthpiece testing to process workers rapidly – Centurion can process up to 360 workers an hour with an instant response time on a zero BrAC reading.

Centurion will operate 24 hours a day in conditions ranging from -10°C to + 55°C. Configurable to fulfil your program requirements from simple self-test stations for visitors/contractors through to fully integrated staff management systems.

Fast, easy, low-cost modular system calibration
Centurion is the only wall mounted breath tester on the market today with Alcolizer’s patented modular calibration system.

Introducing Alcolizers proven modular system to a wall mounted application enables calibration to be completed on site in around 60 seconds thereby increasing the unit’s availability for minimising calibration downtime.

Technical Specs

Centurion wall mount connectivity

  • Centurion excels with connectivity options supported “out-of-the-box” with an on-board ARM Cortex-A8 CPU and Customer
  • Programmable Colour Screen.

Centurion has connectivity options to suit many requirements including:

  • Ethernet
  • Live Secure Reporting
  • USB
  • RS232

You can set the unit to:

  • store your test data
  • send an email when an exception test occurs
  • action gate access via relay for pass results
  • direct your employee should they fail the test
  • integrate with your site management system
  • deliver relevant analysed data live to your management team
  • print test records via USB with a compatible printer