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Introducing the YDP-20 Large Display PDF Temperature & Humidity Data Logger, your reliable companion for precise and convenient temperature and humidity monitoring. Designed with a range of features, this device is ideal for ambient air monitoring in food safety and lab work applications.

Equipped with internal sensors, the YDP-20 ensures accurate temperature and humidity measurements. The temperature range of -30°C to 65°C, with a basic accuracy of ±0.3°C, allows you to monitor a wide range of environments with confidence. The humidity range of 0% to 100%, with an accuracy of ±3% (10% to 90%), ensures precise and reliable humidity readings.

With its large LCD real-time display, the YDP-20 provides instant access to temperature and humidity data, as well as battery and logger status information. This user-friendly display keeps you informed and enables quick and easy monitoring.

The YDP-20 offers user-configurable high and low alarms, with audible and visual warnings. This feature allows you to set customized alarm thresholds, ensuring timely notifications if the temperature or humidity exceeds the desired limits. With the ability to generate various file types including PDF, XLS, TXT, CSV, and DLG, the YDP-20 enables seamless data logging and analysis.

Perfect for ambient air monitoring in food safety and lab work, the YDP-20 Large Display PDF Temperature & Humidity Data Logger provides accurate measurements, easy operation, and reliable performance. Trust in this device to maintain optimal conditions and ensure the safety and quality of your environment.

Technical Specs

  • Self generate various file types: PDF, XLS, TXT, CSV, DLG
  • Temperature & Humidity with internal sensors
  • Temperature Range: -30 ~ 65°C with ±0.3°C basic accuracy
  • Humidity Range: 0 ~ 100% with ±3% accuracy (10~90%)
  • Large LCD real-time display with alarm, battery and logger status
  • Press button to start and stop logging or time delayed
  • User configurable high and low alarms with audible and visual warning
  • Offset calibration facility via software
  • 25,920 reading memory
  • Size: 96 x 108 x 20mm
  • 3x AAA 1.5V Alkaline batteries included
  • Free PoChain data base management and analysis software (download)