Ventis MX4


Get the simple, reliable gas detection you need with the Ventis MX4, a 4-gas monitor designed to be rugged yet lightweight and easy to wear. The Ventis MX4 eliminates the need for extra monitors by transitioning seamlessly from personal monitoring to confined space entry with a slide-on pump.

Not all gas detectors are created equal, and warranty coverage reflects that. Shorter warranties indicate that the monitor might have a shorter lifespan. The Ventis MX4 comes with a four-year warranty for the monitor and standard four-gas sensors.

Supported Sensors

The Ventis MX4 offers sensor and configuration options for a number of industries and applications, making it an efficient choice for both personal gas detection and confined space entries. The Ventis MX4 supports the following gas sensors: LEL (methane), LEL (pentane), CO, H2S, O2, CO/H2 low, SO2, and NO2.

If you need both pumped and non-pumped functionality, buying one monitor that can do both is often more cost effective and reduces the number of monitors your workers carry.

Confined Space Entry – Pre-Entry Sampling

The Ventis MX4 4-gas monitor is available in both pumped and non-pumped versions, or can be used with the Ventis Slide-on Pump for pre-entry sampling. With the Ventis Slide-on Pump, you can eliminate the need for extra monitors and transition seamlessly from personal monitoring to confined space entry use. The Ventis Slide-on Pump is ideal for operators who wear their gas monitors primarily for personal protection, but occasionally require a pump for confined space entries.

With the Ventis Slide-on Pump, you can:

  • Conveniently sample from up to 50 feet away.
  • Easily attach the pump with no tools.
  • Simplify charging by using the same batteries as Ventis monitors.

iNet Exchange Advantage

iNet Exchange eliminates maintenance and repairs by reviewing the performance of the monitor, sensors, circuit board, microprocessors, and pump every time you dock a monitor. You’ll know if a monitor needs attention before it fails, and we will automatically replace it.

Technical Specs

Customize the Ventis MX4 4-gas monitor to fit your needs with up to four sensors, multiple runtime options, alarm thresholds, and more. Whether you’re performing daily confined space entries, wearing the instrument for personal gas detection, or anywhere in between, there’s a Ventis MX4 configuration that’s right for you.

  • Gas
    Monitor up to four of these gases: LEL (methane), LEL (pentane), CO, H2S, O2, CO/H2 low, SO2, NO2.
  • Lighting
    Enjoy uninterrupted runtime with optional batteries that run for 20-hours on a single charge.
  • Dashboard
    Personalize the monitor to your needs by selecting alarm thresholds and setting latch alarms.