HD32.3TC – HD32.3TCA – Thermal Microclimate PMV-PPD / WBGT


Thermal Comfort Measurement

HD32.3TC and HD32.3TCA Portable Data-loggers: Advanced Tools for Indoor Air Quality and Microclimate Analysis. To comply with the Thermal Comfort regulations and Heat Stress safe work procedures in all industries.

The HD32.3TC and HD32.3TCA represent sophisticated portable dataloggers engineered for precise and in-depth assessments of indoor air quality (IAQ) and microclimate conditions. These instruments offer a comprehensive array of measurements, covering thermal microclimate parameters, particulate matter, CO2 levels, and the estimation of SARS-CoV-2 decay time on surfaces.

The HD32.3TC serves as the portable variant, typically used in conjunction with a table stand featuring a small tripod. In contrast, the HD32.3TCA is tailored for extended measurements, featuring a stable tripod and a cable connection for sensors, along with a 150mm diameter black globe. Conversely, the HD32.3TC integrates a 50mm black globe and allows direct sensor connection atop the instrument.

Equipped with a touch display, the HD32.3TC and HD32.3TCA provide immediate visibility of calculated values for WBGT, PMV/PPD, and TU indices. Remote access is facilitated through a Wi-Fi connection and a “cloud” application. These dataloggers feature ample memory capacity for extended measurement cycles, coupled with a rechargeable battery providing a minimum working autonomy of 24 hours.

In alignment with reference standards such as ISO 7726, ISO 7730, ISO 7243, ASHRAE Standard 55, and ASHRAE Standard 62.1-2019, the HD32.3TC and HD32.3TCA underscore their commitment to compliance with industry-recognized guidelines.

Select the HD32.2 for direct WBGT measurements.

Technical Specs

The HD32.3TC has a wide range of applications, making it a versatile solution for various environments. Here are some key applications where the HD32.3TC excels:

Microclimate Applications:

  • Measurement of PMV (Predicted Mean Vote), PPD (Predicted Percentage of Dissatisfied), and DR (Draught Rate) indices in Moderate Environments.
  • Measurement of WBGT (Wet Bulb Globe Temperature) and PHS (Predicted Heat Strain) indexes in Severe Hot Environments.
  • Measurement of IREQ (Required Insulation) / DLE (Dynamic Local Exposure) / RT (Residual Time) and WCI (Wind Chill Index) indexes in Cold Environments.

IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) Applications:

  • Measurement of comfort conditions and indoor air quality in various settings such as schools, offices, factories, and more.
  • Analysis of sick building syndrome to assess and address potential indoor air quality issues.
  • Verification of the efficiency of Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems.
  • Integration with building automation systems for effective control and management of indoor environments.
  • The HD32.3TC provides reliable and accurate measurements for a wide range of microclimate and IAQ applications, making it a valuable tool for assessing and improving environmental conditions.