TA632A Digital Light Meter Includung LED (White & Coloured)


Introducing the TA632A Digital Light Meter, the perfect tool for accurate light measurement, including LED (white & colored) sources. This versatile device is designed to provide precise readings, allowing you to assess lighting conditions with confidence.

Equipped with a large backlit color LCD display and a convenient bar graph, the TA632A offers a user-friendly interface for easy interpretation of data. Whether you need to measure light intensity in different environments or evaluate the performance of LED lights, this meter delivers reliable results.

With its high level of accuracy, the TA632A ensures reliable measurements. It is calibrated under the standard incandescent lamp at a color temperature of 2856°K, providing a ±(3%+5Lux) accuracy. For other visible light sources, the meter offers a ±(6%+5Lux) accuracy.

The TA632A Digital Light Meter is a valuable tool for a wide range of applications, including photography, architecture, interior design, and more. Enhance your lighting assessments and make informed decisions with this advanced and reliable light meter.

Experience the convenience and accuracy of the TA632A Digital Light Meter. Upgrade your light measurement capabilities and achieve optimal lighting conditions.

Technical Specs

Technical Parameters:

  • Display: 5-digit color screen display, max 99999
  • Measurement Range: 0~200,000Lux, 999.9Lux, 99999Lux, 1999×10Lux
  • Resolution:
    • LUX: <1000 – 0.1LUX, ≥1000 – 1LUX
    • FC: <100 – 0.1FC, <1000 – 0.1FC, ≥1000 – 1FC
  • Accuracy:
    • ±(3%+5Lux) (calibrated under the standard incandescent lamp at color temperature 2856°K)
    • ±(6%+5Lux) for other visible light
  • Cosine angle deviation feature:
    • 30° ±2%
    • 60° ±6%
    • 80° ±25%
  • Light Sensor: Silicon photo-diode and spectral response filter
  • Operating Environment: Temperature -10~50°C, Humidity <80%RH, Altitude <2000m
  • Storage Environment: Temperature -10~50°C, Humidity <70%RH (remove the battery)
  • Sampling Rate: Approx. 8 times/s
  • Incident Angle: 120°
  • Repeated Test Deviation: 2%
  • Spectral Range: 400~700nm
  • Auto-Off: 15 minutes
  • Data Upload: Only TA632B
  • Power: 3 x 1.5V AA (LR06) battery
  • Standard Accessories: Color box, cloth bag, instruction manual
  • Product Size: 256mm x 67mm x 35mm