Introducing the SKY3000 Gas Monitor:
Advanced Portable Detection for Multiple Gases

The SKY3000 series is a high-performance portable gas detector designed to detect multiple gases simultaneously, including volatile organic compounds (VOCs), combustible gases, and toxic gases. Equipped with a man down alarm function, this device prioritizes safety and provides timely alerts in case of emergencies.

With user-friendly features like one-key security detection, one-key storage, and automatic image flipping, the SKY3000 ensures ease of operation. It also offers optional Bluetooth transmission for real-time data and alarm status access, empowering safety personnel with immediate insights.

The SKY3000 has achieved international IECEX, ATEX explosion-proof certifications, as well as Chinese explosion-proof certification. It meets antistatic test requirements and boasts an IP67 protection level, providing robust protection against environmental conditions.

Designed with safety in mind, this gas monitor features a compact ergonomic design for easy carrying. Its module design enables faster detection, ensuring efficient gas monitoring in various industrial settings.

The SKY3000 series carries the explosion-proof mark Ex ia IIC T4 Ga, making it suitable for use in explosive gas mixture zones 0, 1, and 2 of factories with grades II A, II B, and II C, and temperature groups T1 to T4.

Experience advanced gas detection with the SKY3000 Gas Monitor, combining reliable performance, enhanced safety features, and portable convenience for comprehensive gas monitoring needs.

Technical Specs

Technical Specifications of the SKY3000 Gas Monitor:


  • Instrument can withstand a three-meter drop effectively.
  • IP67 protection level for robust protection against water and dust.
  • Passed EMC anti-static interference test for reliable performance in walkie-talkie environments.

Explosion-proof Design:

  • Circuit design ensures safety and reliability.
  • Certifications: IECEX, ATEX, Chinese explosion-proof.
  • Explosion-proof level: Exia IICT4 Ga.

Multiple Security Features:

  • Man down alarm function enhances underground operator safety.
  • Password protection prevents unauthorized modification of menu parameters.
  • Safety reminder with sound, light, and vibration alarms for worry-free operations.
  • High and low alarm latched function captures sudden gas concentration changes.

Simultaneous Measurement and Display:

  • Detects 1-4 gases simultaneously.
  • Real-time value, TWA, STEL, ManufacturingX, MIN displayed numerically.
  • Large screen with 180-degree auto-flip for easy viewing.

Sampling and Detection:

  • Built-in powerful sampling pump for fast detection speed.
  • External connection for 20m sampling tube, ideal for long-distance or confined space detection.
  • Water trap filter effectively filters water, oil, dust, and impurities.

User-friendly Operation:

  • Intuitive user interface with easy-to-use interactive mode.
  • Optional Bluetooth function for real-time data transmission to mobile devices or PCs.
  • Standard storage function with one-click data export for convenient analysis.
  • Modifiable ID identification for easy instrument allocation and management.
  • Automatic detection functions and alarms for voltage and pump failure.

Additional Features:

  • Gas unit switch between PPM and mg/m³, with automatic conversion.
  • Factory reset option for each channel sensor.
  • Multi-language support including English and Chinese.


  • Confined spaces
  • Industrial hygiene
  • Oil and gas
  • Fire ground “Toxic Twins” detection
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Chemical industries
  • Pharmaceutical sectors
  • Telecommunications
  • Multi-gas leak detection in industries such as chemical, food and beverage, oil and gas (downstream)