P613 Portable Combo Water Meter

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Introducing the P613 Portable Combo Water Meter: Your All-in-One Solution

The P613 Portable Combo Water Meter is a versatile and efficient device designed to cover a wide range of water quality parameters. With its advanced technology and comprehensive capabilities, this meter allows you to measure and analyze pH, MV, EC, TDS, Salinity, and Resistivity with ease and accuracy.

This all-in-one solution provides you with the essential tools to assess water quality in various applications, including environmental monitoring, agriculture, hydroponics, and laboratory analysis. With just one device, you can obtain multiple measurements, saving time and effort.

The P613 Portable Combo Water Meter is IP54 rated, ensuring durability and protection against dust and water splashes. Its rugged construction makes it suitable for use in demanding environments.

Equipped with a user-friendly interface and intuitive controls, this meter allows for seamless operation and quick data retrieval. The clear display provides real-time readings, enabling you to monitor water parameters efficiently.

Whether you’re a scientist, researcher, or water quality professional, the P613 Portable Combo Water Meter is your reliable companion for accurate and comprehensive water analysis. Experience its versatility and reliability in delivering precise results for your water testing needs.

Technical Specs

P54 Dust and water resistant
pH Range: -2.00 ~ 19.99pH (electrode dependant)
mV/ORP Range: -1999 ~ +1999mV (optional probe)
EC Range: 0 ~ 19.99µS/cm up to 200mS/cm (probe dependant)
Resistivity: 0 ~ 100MΩ.cm / Salinity: 0 ~ 100ppt / TDS: 0 ~ 100 g/L (ppt)
Automatic temperature compensation 0~100°C
Intelligent auto diagnosis of electrode status
Buffer standards selectable – Europe & USA / NIST / China
pH Calibration up to 3 points (select from 5 ranges)
EC unique 1 point calibration (select from 4 ranges)
Automatic calibration with auto buffer recognition
Reading stable indicator
Reset function (Restore factory default settings and calibration)
Standard BNC connector, can use with third party electrodes
c/w carry case, standard plastic body pH electrode, K=1 conductivity probe, temperature probe, mini buffers (4,7+10/1413µS), batteries and manual

E201-C Plastic body ceramic junction pH electrode
E301-Ptc Plastic body Platinum ring ORP probe ±1999mV
K=0.1 and K=10 Conductivity probes
PH-Buffer Set of refill solutions, 4/7/10 – 500ml each
EC-Buffer refill solution 1413uS – 500ml