NAM-19S with printer


Introducing NAM-19S:
A Life-Saving Alcohol Measuring Device

Certified as an evidence-class alcohol meter, NAM-19S combines cutting-edge technology with exceptional accuracy and sensitivity. Its specially designed electrochemical sensor ensures reliable and precise measurements, meeting international standards for evidence-class devices. Ideal for various safety-related applications, such as roadside traffic controls, law enforcement, and workplace safety, NAM-19S offers versatile measurement modes to suit any situation. Its user-friendly design features a colorful transreflective TFT screen and a shortcut 3-key interface for quick use. With data storage capabilities and high-capacity memory, measurement results can be easily accessed, displayed, and reported. The device includes disposable hygienic mouthpieces for convenient and sanitary use, while an optional passive measuring cup enables non-contact measurements. Enhance safety and efficiency with NAM-19S, the ultimate alcohol measuring solution.

Technical Specs

  • Sensor
    New Generation Electrochemical Fuel Cell with High Precision
  • Mouthpiece
    Disposable mouthpiece (hygienic rules were followed in production and packaging
  • Passive cup (optional)
  • Measurement Mode
    Auto / Manual / Passive / Measurement Refusal
  • Measurement Range
    0.00 – 6.00‰ (promille) BAC range
  • Preparation Time
    • After the device is turned on: up to 5 seconds
    • 0.00‰ BAC for Alcohol: 2 sec.
    • Up to 2.00‰ BAC Alcohol: 30 sec.
  • Displaying Result
    In the presence of alcohol, no more than 15 seconds after sampling, Without alcohol, immediately
  • Operating Temparature
    -10°C to +50°C
  • Storage Temperature
    -20°C to +60°C
  • Minimum Volume
    min. 1.2L (changeable)
  • Blowing Time
    Up to 6 sec.
  • Measurement Unit
    Promille (w/v) as standard. However, it can be set to any valid measurement unit in the world.
  • Automatic Shutdown Time
  • Energy Conservation Mode
    • Automatically reducing the screen light in case of short-term standby
    • Switching to standby mode
  • Screen
    Sun-readable trans reflective type color TFT Display
  • Memory
    7.500 as standard, up to 100.000 depending on data input
  • GPS
    Yes (optional)
  • Calibration
    Dry gas and / or vapor
  • Battery
    Standart 3.7V Lityum-ion (optional Alkaline ve Ni-Mh battery)
  • Battery Charge
    Wired and optional desk type via the device (both breathalyzer and printer charging together)
  • Charging Adapter
    220V AC city power, optional car cigarette lighter plug (12V DC or 24V DC)
  • Printer
    Bluetooth Thermal Printer (optional)
  • Protection Case
    Silicone (optional)
  • Language Options
    Turkish, English, Spanish, Russian, Croatian (Contact for other languages)
  • Data Transfer/archive
    With NAM-DATAPro software and PC connection cable (optional)
  • Certificates
    • DOT-NHTSA Class of Evidence
    • EN 60068-2-6 Vibration
    • EN60068-2-27 Shock
    • CE Certificate
  • Carrying Case
    Large type (for models with printer), small type (for models without printer)