K10 Single Gas Monitor (IP67)


Enhance industrial safety with the K-10 Single Gas Monitor, a cutting-edge portable device that leverages advanced technologies to provide reliable gas detection in diverse environments. Engineered with precision and intelligence, this detector employs a natural diffusion method and high-quality gas sensors for exceptional sensitivity and repetitiveness.

Crafted from high-strength engineering plastics and composite non-slip rubber, the shell is waterproof, dustproof, and explosion-proof. The device is designed for durability and comfort, making it ideal for challenging industrial settings.

Widely employed in oil, chemical, environmental protection, metallurgy, refining, gas transmission and distribution, biochemical medicine, agriculture, and various other industries.

Ensure the safety of your industrial site with the K-10 Single Gas Detector, a reliable and efficient solution designed to meet the highest standards of gas detection.

For Multi-Gas option see the K-40

Technical Specs

Technical Specifications:

Sampling Method: Natural diffusion
Accuracy: ≤ 5% F.S.
Response Time: T<30s
Alarm Method:Four alarm options – sound, vibration, light, and display
Operating Environment: -10℃ to 55℃, humidity <95%RH non-condensing
Operating Voltage:** DC3.7V Li battery 1500mAh
Working Time: ≥ 8h continuously
Charging Time: 4h to 6h
Sensor Life:2 years
Protection Category: IP67
Weight:Approximately 130g (including battery but without accessories)
Dimensions: 109mm×60mm×30mm