HD32.3TC – HD32.3TCA – Thermal Microclimate PMV-PPD / WBGT


Introducing the HD32.3TC and HD32.3TCA Portable Dataloggers:
Comprehensive Indoor Air Quality and Microclimate Analysis

The HD32.3TC and HD32.3TCA are advanced portable dataloggers designed for accurate and thorough analysis of indoor air quality (IAQ) and microclimate conditions. These instruments offer a wide range of measurements, including thermal microclimate parameters, particulate matter, CO2 levels, and even estimation of SARS-CoV-2 decay time on surfaces.

The HD32.3TC is the portable version commonly used in combination with a table stand (small tripod), while the HD32.3TCA is designed for longer-term measurements and comes with a stable tripod. The main difference is that the HD32.3TCA employs a cable connection for sensors, and a black globe with a diameter of 150mm is used. In contrast, the HD32.3TC features a 50mm black globe and allows direct connection of sensors on top of the instrument.

Both versions comply fully with the applicable ISO7730, ISO7726, and ISO7243 regulations, ensuring reliable and accurate measurements.

With a bright and clear touch display, the HD32.3TC and HD32.3TCA enable immediate visibility of calculated values for WBGT, PMV/PPD, and TU indices. The data can be accessed remotely via a “cloud” application using a Wi-Fi connection. These dataloggers have ample memory capacity for extended measurement cycles, and the rechargeable battery ensures a minimum working autonomy of 24 hours.

The HD32.3TC and HD32.3TCA dataloggers adhere to reference standards such as ISO 7726, ISO 7730, ISO 7243, ASHRAE Standard 55, and ASHRAE Standard 62.1-2019, ensuring compliance with recognized industry guidelines.

Choose the HD32.3TC or HD32.3TCA for comprehensive indoor air quality and microclimate analysis. Benefit from additional capabilities compared to previous instrument models, and rely on our continued support for sales, repairs, and maintenance of the older series.

Technical Specs

The HD32.3TC has a wide range of applications, making it a versatile solution for various environments. Here are some key applications where the HD32.3TC excels:

Microclimate Applications:

  • Measurement of PMV (Predicted Mean Vote), PPD (Predicted Percentage of Dissatisfied), and DR (Draught Rate) indices in Moderate Environments.
  • Measurement of WBGT (Wet Bulb Globe Temperature) and PHS (Predicted Heat Strain) indexes in Severe Hot Environments.
  • Measurement of IREQ (Required Insulation) / DLE (Dynamic Local Exposure) / RT (Residual Time) and WCI (Wind Chill Index) indexes in Cold Environments.

IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) Applications:

  • Measurement of comfort conditions and indoor air quality in various settings such as schools, offices, factories, and more.
  • Analysis of sick building syndrome to assess and address potential indoor air quality issues.
  • Verification of the efficiency of Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems.
  • Integration with building automation systems for effective control and management of indoor environments.
  • The HD32.3TC provides reliable and accurate measurements for a wide range of microclimate and IAQ applications, making it a valuable tool for assessing and improving environmental conditions.