GT-K90 Fixed Gas Detector


Introducing the GT-K90 Fixed Gas Detector:
Customizable Gas Detection with Real-Time Monitoring

The GT-K90 Fixed Gas Detector is a versatile and intelligent solution for gas detection, offering customization for over 300 types of gases. From toxic gases like CO and H2S to combustible gases such as CH4 and O2, this detector can be tailored to meet the specific gas detection needs of various industries and applications.

With its 2.4-inch industrial-grade OLED screen, the GT-K90 provides high stability, accuracy, and intelligence for real-time monitoring and alarming. Its user-friendly interface allows for simple settings, ensuring seamless operation and ease of use.

This advanced gas detector is ideal for a wide range of applications, including industrial manufacturing plants, chemical laboratories, oil and gas facilities, wastewater treatment plants, and more. It provides reliable and continuous gas detection to maintain a safe working environment and prevent potential hazards.

With various communication methods available, including RS485, 4-20mA, and relay outputs, the GT-K90 allows for easy integration with existing systems. Real-time data display and remote monitoring enable efficient gas detection management and proactive safety measures.

Trust the GT-K90 Fixed Gas Detector to deliver precise and reliable gas detection, providing peace of mind and enhancing safety protocols in diverse industries and applications.

Technical Specs

Fixed Gas Detector Transmitter

Integrated sound and light alarm indication

  • * SD memory card plus FLASH, data storage and export are more convenient
  • * Full-scale temperature compensation, over-range protection
  • * Equipped with infrared remote control, the remote control distance is up to 8 meters
  • * Replace the sensor, no need for calibration
  • * Independent RTC dock
  • * IP66 protection grade
  • Protection class : IP66
  • Connection port: M27*1.5mm
  • Zero drift :  ≦±2% F.S.
  • Response Time v ≦30s
  • Working pressure :   36~106Kpa
  • Working environment: 40℃~70℃ <93%RH (no dew)
  • Resolution:  0.1%LEL
  • Display error:  ±3%LEL
  • Detection principle: catalytic combustion
  • Gas Sensor Life:  2 years
  • Explosion-proof grade : Ex d IIC T6 Gb
  • Cable : 3×1.5mm2, 4×1.5mm’shielded cable
  • Weight:  2.1KG
  • Dimensions : 26*19*13.5cm