K-G60-TSP Fixed Dust Detector


K-G60-TSP intelligent dust detector is a stationary detector that can continuously detect PM2.5,PM10 concentration in the business environment. Discover a reliable dust detection transmitter equipped with laser scattering technology. This versatile device offers precise monitoring of dust concentration with a convenient LCD display. Set your desired alarm point and benefit from sound and light alarm signals or the ability to activate the exhaust system when the concentration exceeds the threshold. Seamlessly integrate into your existing systems using the 4-20mA signal for DCS or PLC connection, and utilize the RS485 digital signal to connect with the plant’s host computer. With embedded micro-control technology, this transmitter ensures simplicity, reliability, and complete functionality. Ideal for indoor dust concentration monitoring, it provides accurate measurements for a range of applications.

Technical Specs

  • Detection Method: Laser scattering method for dust concentration detection
  • LCD Display: Shows dust concentration value suitable for factory applications
  • Alarm Function: Activates sound and light alarm or drives the exhaust system when dust concentration exceeds the preset alarm point
  • Signal Compatibility: Supports international standard 4-20mA signal for direct connection to DCS system or PLC, and RS485 digital signal for connection to the plant’s host computer
  • Embedded Micro-control Technology: Ensures simple operation, complete functions, and high reliability
  • Suitable for Indoor Dust Concentration Monitoring
  • Sensor: PM2.5 and PM10
  • Pressure: 86 ~ 106Kpa
  • Sampling Method: Laser Scattering
  • Temperature & Humidity: -20℃-50℃, <95%RH
  • Response Time: ≤10s
  • Voltage: DC24V±15%
  • Range: (0-1000)ug/m3 and (0-6000)ug/m3
  • Display: 2.0 inch colored LCD
  • Size: 23618190mm
  • Precision: ≤±10%F.S