doseBadge IS


Welcome to the CIRRUS doseBadge IS, the cutting-edge solution specifically designed for hazardous environments such as mining, oil, and gas industries. Boasting intrinsic safety, this innovative device ensures optimal safety measures while providing accurate and reliable personal noise exposure measurements.

Functioning as an industrial wireless noise dosimeter, the doseBadge IS is the ultimate companion for professionals working in high-risk environments. Equipped with advanced data measurement and storage capabilities, this device enables seamless data transfer to the user-friendly Noisetools software. With its user-friendly interface, the Noisetools software effortlessly generates comprehensive reports in compliance with stringent noise at work regulations, industrial hygiene standards, and occupational noise exposure guidelines.

Recognizing the critical role of dosimetry in maintaining occupational health and safety standards, the doseBadge IS seamlessly integrates into the continuous monitoring requirements mandated by the South African Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHS ACT). By ensuring optimal compliance with these stringent regulations, the doseBadge IS plays a pivotal role in facilitating comprehensive medical surveillance protocols for workers, safeguarding their well-being within the challenging work environment of the mining and oil and gas sectors.

Invest in the doseBadge IS today to not only prioritize the safety and well-being of your workforce but also to streamline compliance procedures and ensure adherence to the rigorous occupational health and safety standards set forth by regulatory bodies. With its unparalleled accuracy, robust design, and user-friendly functionality, the doseBadge IS stands as the quintessential solution for professionals operating in demanding industrial settings.

The doseBadge is a product line of noise dosimeters developed and manufactured by Cirrus Research plc. These devices are widely recognized for their cutting-edge technology and accurate noise measurement capabilities, making them a preferred choice for industrial professionals worldwide. With a strong emphasis on user convenience and precise data analysis, the doseBadge series continues to set the standard for efficient and reliable noise monitoring solutions.

Technical Specs

  • Dual-channel instrument for measuring, storing, and calculating essential data for compliance with occupational noise regulations.
  • Measures LAeq, LCPeak, LEP,d, and other parameters.
  • Stores time history or noise profile for both channels.
  • Manufactured by Cirrus Research plc.
  • Innovative instrument for measuring and assessing noise exposure of workers across all locations.
  • Designed to withstand tough and harsh environments.
  • Robust and lightweight metal case protects the microphone, battery, and electronics.
  • No cables, controls, or displays to damage.
  • Resistant to drops, knocks, and pressure.
  • Reliable and durable solution for noise monitoring in challenging conditions.