Bubble Wrap Bags

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Bubble Wrap Bags offer superior protection for your belongings during transportation and storage. Our carefully designed bags feature a durable outer layer and air-filled bubble cushioning, safeguarding against shocks and damage. Available in various sizes, they cater to items of all shapes and dimensions. For electronic components, we also provide anti-static bags to prevent static electricity buildup. With easy-to-use self-sealing adhesive strips and transparent material for quick identification, Bubble Wrap Bags ensure hassle-free and secure packaging. Trust us to keep your valuables safe and enjoy peace of mind. Explore our range today for reliable protection at every step. The Bluetooth printer and software make it the perfect device for confirmation testing in industry.

Technical Specs

Custom made sizing, MOQ of 500units per order, Anti-static (pink bubble), C120 (thicker plastic), Standard clear bubble, optional adhesive strips, complete rolls avaialbe as well