Breathalyser for industry

An economical breathalyser the NAM-19E alcohol tester features a cutting-edge electrochemical fuel cell, ensuring precise and reliable alcohol measurements. This advanced technology sets the device apart, making it a preferred choice for business applications where accuracy is paramount. Great for use in Zero Tolerance alcohol policy enforcement.

High Precision Breathalyser:

With a measurement range of 0.00 – 6.00‰ (promille), the NAM-19E breathalyser provides high-precision results, catering to a wide spectrum of alcohol levels. This makes it a versatile tool for various industries, ensuring optimal safety standards.

Mouthpiece Options:

The device comes with a high-quality reusable mouthpiece for standard use. For added convenience and hygiene, an optional disposable mouthpiece is also available. This flexibility allows businesses to choose the best option based on their specific requirements.

Measurement Modes:

The NAM-19E breathalyser offers versatile measurement modes, including Auto, Manual, Passive, and Measurement Refusal modes. This adaptability ensures that the device can be tailored to different scenarios, providing ease of use and flexibility in testing protocols.

Quick Preparation Time:

With a rapid preparation time of up to 5 seconds after turning on the device, the NAM-19E minimizes wait times, contributing to efficient testing processes in B2B environments.

The device promptly displays results, with “Alcohol,” “No Alcohol,” and “Critical Level” indications. In the presence of alcohol, results are shown within 15 seconds after sampling, ensuring swift and clear outcomes.

Businesses can customize the alcohol alert level based on their specific requirements. This feature allows for flexibility in setting alcohol thresholds, aligning the device with varying safety standards across industries.

The NAM-19E is designed to operate in a temperature range from -10°C to +50°C, ensuring functionality in diverse environments. This capability makes it suitable for use in various industries with different working conditions.

Data Transfer and Archive Options:

The device facilitates data transfer and archiving through the NAM-DATAPro software and PC connection cable (optional). This feature enables businesses to maintain detailed records, supporting compliance and analysis.

Colorful TFT Screen:

The NAM-19E is equipped with a vibrant and user-friendly Colorful TFT Screen, providing a clear and intuitive interface for users. This feature enhances the user experience and makes navigation straightforward.

Extensive Memory Capacity:

Boasting a memory capacity of about 100,000 records, the NAM-19E ensures extensive data storage for comprehensive record-keeping. This feature is especially valuable for businesses requiring detailed historical data.

Energy Conservation Mode:

The device incorporates an Energy Conservation Mode, contributing to prolonged battery life. Businesses have the option of Li-ion batteries – no more downtime searching for batteries to continue the testing.

The NAM-19E holds various certifications, including EN60068-2-6 for vibration, EN60068-2-27 for shock, and CE certification, ensuring compliance with international quality and safety standards.

Additional Accessories:

The package includes a protective silicone case (optional) and a carrying case for added durability and portability, enhancing the longevity and practicality of the device in business settings.

Technical Specs

  • Mouthpieces for standard qualitative testing
  • Passive Cup
  • Measurement Mode : Auto / Manual / Passive / Measurement Refusal
  • Measurement Range : 0.00 – 6.00‰ (promille) BAC range
  • Preparation Time : After the device is turned on: up to 5 seconds
  • Displaying Result: “Alcohol” , “No Alcohol” , “Critical Level”
  • Result Displaying Time : In the presence of alcohol, at most 15 seconds after sampling, Immediately in the absence of alcohol
  • Alcohol Alert Level:  Adjustable alcohol level
  • Operating Temperature : -10°C to +50°C
  • Storage Temperature : -20°C to +60°C
  • Minimum Volume : min. 1.2L (changeable)
  • Blowing Time : up to 6 sec.
  • Automatic Shutdown Time: Adjustable
  • Energy Conservation Mode : Yes
  • Screen : Colorful TFT Screen
  • Memory : About 100,000
  • Calibration : Dry Gas and / or Vapor
  • Battery : Li-ion
  • Protection Case : Silicone (optional)
  • Language Options : Turkish, English, Spanish, Russian, Croatian (contact for other languages)
  • Data Transfer/Archive : With NAM-DATAPro software and PC connection cable (optional)
  • Certificates
    • EN60068-2-6 vibration
    • EN60068-2-27 shock
    • CE Certificate
  • Carrying Case : Yes