Alcolizer HH3


Smart Alcohol Testing, Sensible Price: the Alcolizer HH3 Breathalyser provides precision, convenience, and quality at a reasonable price all in a compact and lightweight form factor.

Rugged and proven to perform, HH3 conducts Active and Passive testing and enables data download via Alcolizer’s AlcoCONNECT™ Toolbox software.

Alcolizer chooses to exclusively use the highest-grade platinum electrochemical fuel cells for all of our handheld alcohol breath test products, including HH3. Proudly manufactured in Australia to the highest quality standard (ISO:9001) and holding Australian Standard AS3547:2019*, HH3 is supported by a 36-month warranty from us – the manufacturer, Alcolizer Technology

The HH3 breathalyser requires calibration every 12 months and on-screen notifications show you when calibration is due. We will also contact you with a friendly reminder to send your HH3 into your nearest Alcolizer Certified Calibration & Servicing Centre for prompt calibration and receive the best and most up-to-date system updates.

Technical Specs

  • Has both passive and standard testing and you are
  • All records are time & Date stamped
  • This is our standard entry level device.
  • Ability to download the records onto a computer, allowing you to keep track of test records
  • This device is also rechargeable