Alcohol and Access Control

The trend in industry currently is toward fully integrated breathalyser access control solutions. ZERO Tolerance for alcohol and other drugs of abuse has become best practice industry. This follows the drive toward a greater need for health and safety awareness.

Alcolizer has always been at the forefront in technology and the advancment of safer work practices. Working closely with RunRite Electronics the master distributor for Africa, Alcolizer has developed the Centurion range of fixed mount breathalysers.

With over 20 years experience with the Wall Mount Alcolizer and 100’s of Self Test units installed across Southern Africa and Australia the move into a fully integrated system was a natural evolution in the product offering.

The Alcolizer Centurion is a fixed mount breathalyser designed specifically around access control. There are several unique features in the design that set the Centurion apart.

  • Fast passive – with ‘anti-blowback’ patented sample module
  • Access Control integration – multiple platforms, 4 x relay outputs, RS232 communication and Ethernet.
  • Ethernet connectivity with upload facility to the AlcoCloud managment tools.
  • Full internal data-logging and simple download via USB flashdisk

“Anti-Blowback Technology”

One of the biggest challenges facing large companies undertaking passive alcohol testing is the question of hygiene. Most modern passive alcohol screeners have a ‘blowback’ effect where the subject blows directly onto the device and and a residual amount of air is forced back onto the face and mouth of the test subject. Using a patented diffusion system Alcolizer has prevented any blowback from occuring. This means that staff can rest assured that the unit will remain fit for purpose and safe for use at all times. Due to the nature of the service and calibration of the device the entire sampling system is regularly replace (every 6 months) to further ensure hygiene is maintained. This also means that security personnel do not have to constantly worry about cleaning the device and potentially contaminating the sampling port with alcohol containing cleaning solvents.

Access Control Integration

Already trials have been conducted on some of the most prominent access control platforms. The ease of integration has been noted by several installers and programmers making the Alcolizer the preferred choice for integrators. 100% back-up from Runrite Electronics and Alcolizer Technology gives both end-user customers and integrator peace of mind that the alcohol tester is fully covered.

Here is an flowchart of how the Centurion fits into the model for an effective Alcohol Control Policy using the full power of Alcolizer Technology.

Check out the example from International Partners Gallagher Security

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